Cranberry Lake Club


An application can be printed off our website, and will need to be approved by the Board of Directors.

Our Dues are $500.00 per year. Guests are allowed using a pass issued by the secretary. Fishing is $10.00 per day ATV riding is $5.00 a day, Hunting is $30.00 a day or $50.00 for a weekend, Turkey hunting is $15.00 a day. The member has to be with the guest at all times.

The wives are allowed to hunt, fish, ride ATV/UTV and use the Club as a member free of charge , but are not allowed to vote at annual meetings (unless they too join and pay dues.) Children of a member up to the age of 21 can use the Club until they reach that age, then they must also join the club if they wish to continue to be on the leased property.


We are offering recreational memberships. The fee is $250.00  to ride an ATV/UTV through our Windfall gate and the club from May 1 to September 15th. After that date no recreational member will be allowed once hunting season begins.

No fishing or hunting will be allowed by recreational members.
Only ATV/UTV riding, and the machines must have insurance.

We are providing a special badge to ID the people that pay the fee to ride the club as well as a sticker.





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